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NTLS Self-Titled Digipak Cover
NTLS Self-Titled Digipak Cover

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Inspirational/Influential Music Videos and Artists

In one of my previous posts I spoke about a gap in the market for a female artists who is more quirky and forward-thinking as oppose to sticking to current trends and conventions and I feel that a few less well known artists have these attributes.


Shes a very talented singer with quite a striking look and doesn't feel the need to wear minimal clothing and I respect that. I also really like the entire vibe of her video, the purple and pink lighting and background give it a very chilled, gentle vibe. Her use of archived footage also looks really interesting and works with the song but doesn't distract from what shes singing about. 

FKA Twigs

Another quite unknown artist who is similar to Telana in the way of being one of a kind is FKA Twigs. She has an amazing look and stays true to herself in all her videos.


I really like this video, it takes its time before you realise what is going on but its still quite enticing nevertheless and the lyrics help to understand. I like that although she is taking off some of her clothes in this video, its in no way sexualised and so doesn't take away from what happens in the video. A lot of music videos of female artists frequently have close up beauty shots of the artists face but I love the idea of only having the 3 shots showing her face before she is immersed in the water, and this influences me to challenge conventions in similar ways. 

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