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"NTLS - Heart Skipped A Beat" Music Video

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NTLS Self-Titled Digipak Cover
NTLS Self-Titled Digipak Cover

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Monday, 8 September 2014

What kind of music video would you like to make?

I think I am mostly interested in making a narrative style/quite abstract music video like the following examples:

Juce - Call You Out

  • A mixture between HD modern style shots and VHS shots
  • A clear narrative with quite a youthful them
  • The addition of shots which don't necessarily add to the story but help build ideas of characters e.g. 1:42 smoking shot, which immediately shows the male character is quite rebellious and cheeky
  • This video gives gratification to the viewer because we learn about both the girls and their friendship so when they are separated by the boy the audience member has an emotional reaction but when the friendship is fixed the viewer receives pleasure from this.
Clams Casino - I'm God

  • Although this video has no clear narrative and it doesn't directly relate to the lyrics, I think the eerie uncertain atmosphere in the video mimics the uncertainty and ambiguity created by the lyrics. I really like the idea of drawing on one small aspect/theme of the lyrics and using it as an extended motif throughout the video
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

  • I like the vintage feel this video still manages to create even though its high quality.
  • I also like the montage of family clips that don't actually follow a chronological order but help to create a clear picture of who the people are so you can emotionally connect with them.. 
White Lies - Bigger Than Us

  • This is a narrative which is quite abstract but quite clear
  • I think its really interesting how characters in the narrative are miming the words to the song but the people around them don't react
Semiotic Analysis: Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes

  • I like the clear urban setting throughout the entire video and the darkish yellow lighting because it helps to create a mood.
  • The use of water/liquid as an extended metaphor throughout really ties all parts of the video together and helps to create the story. Through the shots of just water we see a clear symbol of his death and resurrections. Then his fluid water-like contemporary dance movements help to illustrate his celebration of his escape from his community but also the sadness of his death.
  • There is a use of juxtaposing imagery of contemporary dancing in a ghetto environment it makes the music video more interesting. 
  • The beginning of the video starts with a child in a very vast space raising gun fingers, this could be a symbol of how children in America join gangs thinking they have a family but there are ultimately alone. The music in the back at this point mirrors a lullaby to remain on the theme of children, however its a lot more eerie as its singing over the death of the child.
  • The red sky at 1:30 above the children playing is used as quite a harrowing image. Children are often taught that sky is the limit so they reach for the sky, but the sky of the children in the ghetto is dark, resembling bloodshed which could be symbolic of their inescapable doom, simply because they are young black children.
  • The child walking along the railings at 1:36 with the buildings and high lights in the background, looks a lot like a person walking around whilst they are in prison. This could again show the doom of the youth in the area.
  • Finally, the way the community don't react when the boy is dead and dancing around works to show that they are so used to loss in the area they cant even feel anything towards it any more.
From doing this semiotic analysis, I have noticed that there are a lot of visual ideas that you can embed into a music video to give it more layers of meaning without being glaringly obvious. This will be quite helpful when making my own video.

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